What kind of saver are you?


You may not know it, but the way you carry your finances speaks a lot about you. Answer the following questions to find out what type of saver you are.

How do you manage your income?

How do you manage your income?

  1. I make a budget to calculate how much I can spend after paying debts and saving.
  2. I keep what I need for what I want to do and the rest I spend.
  3. I don’t notice how much I spend. I’m just paying what is going on.
  4. No matter how much I earn, it almost never reaches me.

What do you think is a good reason to save?

money coins

  1. Prevention and future stability.
  2. A trip, a concert or a new cell phone.
  3. Take advantage of the money left over at the end of the month.
  4. It is not necessary to save. Only some people should do it.

How often do you usually save?

  1. I always allocate a portion of my income to savings.
  2. Depending on what you want to do or buy savings from time to time.
  3. I only save when I have some money left after spending.
  4. I almost never save.

What savings system do you think is the best?

  1. An exclusive debit account to save or invest.
  2. A piggy bank
  3. The same account where the fortnight is deposited.
  4. I don’t know how saving systems work.

If you earned 25% more per month, what would you do?

  1. I would allocate most of that money to savings.
  2. I would gather a couple of months to go on a trip.
  3. I would spend more than usual and save what I got.
  4. I would use it to buy more things.


Majority 1: Committed

You are aware of the importance of money and manage your finances responsibly. You like to anticipate and stay informed in order to make intelligent decisions.

Majority 2: By objectives You are a saver who works with short or medium term objectives. Although you find it relatively easy to save money for very specific issues, you still do not value the relevance of prevention.

Majority 3: Conditional

Your way of saving is more by inertia than by conviction. While it is true that you can have some money saved, you do not have a specific savings system or follow a plan. Your finances require more organization.

Majority 4: Not Visionary

You always find excuses not to save. This reflects a great lack of control and future vision. Remember that saving does not depend on how much you earn, but on how you spend it. It is never too late to start. Start your savings today and achieve the economic stability you have always wanted. Do not worry if an unexpected event arises.

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