Strong new business: German credit market leaves crisis behind

admin / August 30, 2019

Credit demand in Germany is picking up again. The downward trend will come to an end this quarter already. In addition, the risks for a general disruption of the loan offer have fallen. The intrasavings comes to this optimistic outlook in a recent publication. Lending business According to the Crefubank, it assumes that the decline in new lending business will…

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Dispo terminated: Debtors turn the bankruptcy still off

admin / August 11, 2019

Termination of the disposition credit The termination of the disposition credit by the bank is, according to experience, the last thing consumers need in a tense financial situation. If the money is tight anyway, the deletion of the usual line of credit quickly leads to financial collapse. Banks can practically always cancel the repayment credit. You do not have to…

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Borrowing banks grow – banks see no competition

Significant competition in the growing business Banks do not see any significant competition in the growing business of lending on the internet. For example, describes platforms such as banksamat as a “niche provider”. It is true that self-employed persons and small business owners would find it easier to get start-up or bridging finance for the platforms. From his point of…

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